Ikea Motion Sensor not pairing to the hub

Hello there all of you and a happy new year. I have been strugling with an ikea motion sensor for 2 days now, not pairing to the hub (v3). I have deleted it in order to have an edge driver allocated to it. Since there no success in pairing. Checked batteries, restart hub, installing different edge drivers and nothing. I am receiving an error code too 34-501.I have tried to pair it with nearby scanning, also with ikea selection frpm devices. If anyone have any ideea i will be grateful. Thanks a lot.

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You need to pair them really close to the hub. I put them right on top of my hub for pairing.

Thanks for your reply. I did try this also with no result. As you say, on top of the hub literally.

I have never got an error message, but it always takes numerous attempts to get them paired.

On top of that they are “poor” motion detectors. I get many false trips.

I am an using @Mariano_Colmenarejo “ZigBee motion sensor Mc” Edge Driver. You might want to load it on your hub before pairing.

Yep, i know they are not great, seems odd that this sensor used to work 2 days ago. Now all of a sudden it doesn’t pair anymore. I’ve been trying to use the smarrthings edge beta driver zigbee motion sensor and the one you mentioned, it seems to be a pairing problem. The device didn’t get detected at all. Dont’t know what to do about it as i think i did almost everything i can, besides revert the hub to factory settings.

I wouldn’t do anything to the hub other than reboot.

Don’t know if you saw this:

That surprises me. They are hopelessly prone to false positives and with the stock Edge driver they go offline after a few hours inactivity (they come back online immediately motion is detected) but I don’t find pairing a problem. Indeed I paired one a few minutes ago as they tend to need that nudge when changing batteries. Opened it up, hit the button four times to make the red LED start pulsing, and set the hub scanning. I always scan in situ (or as near as I can get given the need to access the button). Took about 20 seconds which isn’t unusual for IKEA, they like to keep you waiting.

Thanks. i read that thread, i do exactly the same. No pairing :(( error code 34-501

Yeah, it’s the first time i encounter this. I was at the market and buy two new duracell batteries 2032, did’t help either :((( maybe a faulty sensor…

What i have done so far :

Restarting router
Restarting hub
Replace the batteries 2 times(new ones)
Try to pair near the hub, on the hub, in front of the hub
Try to use different edge drivers - samsung edge ones and custom
Try to pair it via scan nearbu devices
Try to pair via ikea supported devices
Try to connect pressing 10 secconds on pair button as the app suggests.
Try to pair with 4 rapid clicks on pair button
Let it without batteries about 1h and try to re-pair it.

Strange thing is that when i check in the hub’s event list it says " ikea motion sensor paired again" even if it gives an error sometimes on pairing, but it’s not showing anywhere. Maybe all the details could help. If any of you have any ideea it would be much appreciated. This sensor gives me a headache right now.

I am just grasping at straws, but have you looked in “No Room Assigned”.

Soooo…after 2 days strugling with this. I just found out what was happening. Even the sensor was deleted from the app, the fact that the hub said that the ikea motion sensor joined again made me wonder where it got stuck. So i have checked all my devices one by one in samsung Ide and guess what? Was there used by webcore and not deleted. In less than 20 secs after deleting it the sensor is back again, pairing in no time at more than 10m from the hub. Thank you all for your help. I have learned a valuable lesson today. Check check check :slight_smile:

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Glad you figured it out. Have a good day.

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Hi All,

I am having the same issue but there is no webcore as far as I know. I re-paired keeping it on top of the hub but no luck. When I look at the devices in the hub in the smartthings app, I can see this Zigbee motion sensor listed under the hub devices but I cannot see the hub assigned to this motion sensor in the IDE. Any help please?

Assuming the devices you are talking about are using Edge Drivers (listed as Placeholder in the IDE) the IDE is an obsolete tool that no longer works. So ignore what you see.

The IDE still works and is useful for old Groovy devices.

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Understood but do you know what I can do to fix this offline bit?

Everyone’s system is different. On my own system I switched over to Edge Drivers over an 18 month period. As soon as someone had a beta driver I used it. I also had some offline problems at points during the transition, but currently my system is very stable.

I think the transition weakens your mesh. So after Z-Wave changes I began running z-wave repairs and after significant ZigBee changes I would shut off the ST Hub for 20 min. to force a ZigBee mesh repair.

Your mileage may vary.

PS: Ikea motion sensors tend to get marked offline but they are still fully functional. A soon as motion is detected they trigger routines and are marked on-line. I have a couple of these and they are junk in my opinion.

Thanks Paul, I am actually using the Sonoff motion sensor and all the other 7 are working fine except this one. I had to replace the battery a couple of days ago and from then, this problem started. It uses the Zigbee motion driver now but had the IKEA driver before Edge migration.

I have had other devices go offline but then they came back again when an event happens but this one is different as it stays offline and I have to reset it to make it online again.

Have you tried using the “ZigBee motion sensor Mc” that is what I am using with my Iris, Sonoff and Ikea motion sensors. A nice addition is that it shows signal strength.