IKEA Vallhorn Motion Sensor

I was able to pair both, but first I had to reset them, press the pairing button 4 times in 5 seconds, and the do the pairing process, press for 10 seconds.

As it happens I’ve just managed to pair one sensor. Problem is that when I change the drive to to the MC THING driver I get the following. Am I missing something? There is no interface showing motion etc just what is in the second screenshot


Have you installed this driver to your hub?

You can install the driver from Mariano’s Edge drivers Shared Channel

Enroll your hub Mariano’s Edge drivers Shared Channel from link.
Install the driver on your hub.

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So I have now installed that driver but the sensor still doesnt work. Oddly enough though I have just managed to get a second sensor to pair and it identifies as a Vallhorn sensor - the first one still says Illuminance Sensor - and it uses Marios driver correctly. I will delete the first one again and see if I can get it to re-pair correctly.

My Vallhorn is working great but my parasoll is not reporting battery.
Edit: it started showing battery after a few hours.

Did you get it to work?

Is there room to calibrate the sensor readings some how`?

I managed to get three sensors into pairing mode and they appear now quite stable. There is no configuration that I can see.

Thx for the Mariano’s Edge drivers, worked after re-adding the Vallhorn as it did first show up as a Illumination sensor. For me, after re-adding the Vallhorn it takes a while for the driver to “kick-in” the motion sensor worked after I waited 7 mins or so

I also bought a motion sensor.

The top button (Pairing button) is for factory reset.
To factory reset quick-press the Pairing button 4 times (within 5 seconds).
Pairing started immediately.

The other two buttons are used to make settings.

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo ,

I installed your drivers for both Vallhorn (motion sensor) and Parasoll (open-close sensor) and Vallhorn is working perfectly. However, the Parasoll sensor doesn’t update it’s status unless I do a refresh in the app and it only does so when I do the refresh right after the sensor has been triggered.
Any idea what the issue could be?


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Hi @AndersHolst1

It may not have been configured correctly in pairing, try uninstalling and reinstalling it again.

I don’t know if the rear button that regulates the time it stays on between 1 and 5 has something to do with it, try setting it to minimum 1.

Thanks, I will try both things.

Hi all

In my opinion, the illuminance value of the Vallhorn sensor is ten times too low.
I have compared the values ​​with the values ​​of the Aqara and Fibaro sensors.

@rednose66 @AndersHolst1 @Guyver
Do other sensor users have the feeling that the illuminance values ​​are incorrect?

Illuminance - Wikipedia

I think that the Driver is emitting the correct value. I think that the MeasuredValue from sensor is incorrect.

Not sure if I’d saw 10 times too low but they are certainly registering lower than my other LUX sensors

Ikea Vallhorn’s Illuminance Measurement

Not anymore needed


Hi @TapioX

Send me a log with illuminance message sent by device to see data type sn value


2024-01-16T13:18:12.715534228+00:00 TRACE Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc Received event with handler zigbee
2024-01-16T13:18:12.752826562+00:00 INFO Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc <ZigbeeDevice: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx [0xE0EE] (Ikea VALLHORN Motion Sensor)> received Zigbee message: < ZigbeeMessageRx || type: 0x00, < AddressHeader || src_addr: 0xE0EE, src_endpoint: 0x03, dest_addr: 0x0000, dest_endpoint: 0x01, profile: 0x0104, cluster: IlluminanceMeasurement >, lqi: 0xD0, rssi: -56, body_length: 0x0008, < ZCLMessageBody || < ZCLHeader || frame_ctrl: 0x18, seqno: 0x22, ZCLCommandId: 0x0A >, < ReportAttribute || < AttributeRecord || AttributeId: 0x0000, DataType: Uint16, MeasuredValue: 0x0BC2 > > > >
2024-01-16T13:18:12.771062895+00:00 TRACE Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc Found ZigbeeMessageDispatcher handler in zigbee-motion → IKEA VALLHORN Motion
2024-01-16T13:18:12.775727562+00:00 INFO Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc Executing ZclClusterAttributeValueHandler: cluster: IlluminanceMeasurement, attribute: MeasuredValue
2024-01-16T13:18:12.781177562+00:00 INFO Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc <ZigbeeDevice: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx [0xE0EE] (Ikea VALLHORN Motion Sensor)> emitting event: {“attribute_id”:“signalMetrics”,“capability_id”:“legendabsolute60149.signalMetrics”,“component_id”:“main”,“state”:{“value”:“<em table style=‘font-size:70%’;‘font-weight: bold’GMT: 2024/01/16 Time: 13:18
DNI: 0xE0EE LQI: 208 RSSI: -56dbm
2024-01-16T13:18:12.788137895+00:00 INFO Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc <ZigbeeDevice: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx [0xE0EE] (Ikea VALLHORN Motion Sensor)> emitting event: {“attribute_id”:“illuminance”,“capability_id”:“illuminanceMeasurement”,“component_id”:“main”,“state”:{“value”:1}}
2024-01-16T13:18:12.793019895+00:00 DEBUG Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc Ikea VALLHORN Motion Sensor device thread event handled

Illuminance Measurement Cluster’s MeasuredValue = 10000 x log10 Illuminance + 1

Ikea (Tuya) is not using this scaling.

I have done testing in different lighting:

Aqara 51 lux
Fibaro 52 lux
Vallhorn 5 lux MeasuredValue: 7781

Aqara 172 lux
Fibaro 219 lux
Vallhorn 20 lux MeasuredValue: 13222

Aqara 270 lux
Fibaro 366 lux
Vallhorn 34 lux MeasuredValue: 15440

For higher lux values than 500, this estimated multiplication by 10 is not valid.

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The formula in default libraries for convert measured value to lux is

local lux_value = math.floor(math.pow(10, (value.value - 1) / 10000))

According to the default zigbee libraries, which coincide with the zigbee 3.0 libraries, the application of the formula gives the correct value, if the ikes device meets the zigbee 3.0 specification.

If the value Ikea send is divided by 10, I don’t know.

The other day a soil humidity sensor the value it send is between 0 and 65535 (0xFFFF) and then driver do not have to apply the standard formula, since the value sent is personalized and does not comply with the zigbee specification.

If any IKEA document specifies the scale of the value sent, it can be fixed.

If you are sure that you have to multiply by 10, I can do it.

My temporary Rules API solution is enough for me.

Someone should find the formula used by Ikea (Tuya). I tried to search but couldn’t find it. The device is so new that the formula has not been clarified yet.

I think it’s worth waiting now.

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