IKEA Tradfri WRGB e27 600 lm issue

Hi all,

I am a completely new user to ST so excuse my lack of knowledge… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am trying to add IKEA bulb to a ST v3 Hub and new app.
These are the steps I am making:

  1. Click plus
  2. Add device
  3. Scroll down to IKEA
  4. IKEA - LIGHTNING - here I have 3 choices: IKEA, IKEA LED PANEL and Driver for wireless control. I opt here for IKEA
    5.I choose a room and Hub starts searching
  5. I switch the bulb on/off 6 times and after that the bulb flickers for 1 time so I guess it’s ready for pairing
  6. I move the Hub directly to the bulb, meaning the hub touches the bulb itself

And for 10 times in a row I got a timeout without success.

What am I doing wrong??? :cry:


Keep trying, once I tried about 25 times and nearly blinded my self staring at the bulb for so long…then I put it back in the box to return as faulty, but then said, let’s try a few more times a few attempts later it worked!

I am trying! :slight_smile: But it really makes no sense…