IKEA tradfri need extra hub in UK? and GU10 size


Does anyone have IKEA Tradfri bulbs in UK and do you need the IKEA hub as well or can they connect direct to ST? If they connect direct to ST can you use Apple HomeKit, or is this only with the IKEA hub in place?

Also does anyone have the GU10 lamps? There seems to be 2 but one are £7 and other £15, not sure on difference?

Anyone with the GU10 £7 one could you measure exactly the size please as I’ve bought a few smart lamps and they won’t fit in my spots, so want to make sure.


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No you don’t need the Ikea hub just a device handler.
Here is a link a step by step is in there.


Thanks for that. I’ll read the (v long) thread and try to get info.

Anyone got experience in UK of them? Reading the app reviews for the Ikea Tradfri app on iOS there seems to be a lot of problems with disconnecting etc, not sure if this happens if directly connected to ST?

What about firmware updates for the bulbs? Do these need the Ikea hub or can ST update them?



You don’t need custom DHTs anymore - they are supported out of the box (at least the ones I have are). All you need to do it hit Add Device > Ikea and follow the instructions. Worked first time for me, and they’ve been working well since.

So far, I’m very pleased with mine. Can’t comment on firmware updates though, I’d imagine it doesn’t work when connected to a SmartThings hub but not sure.


I can’t see this option on my ST iOS app? Where is it please? In marketplace I have to chose a specific device, bulb, doorbell, outlet etc.


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the ikea bulbs are listed in the supported devices section under bulbs

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I have recently been messing around with the gu10 bulbs the difference between the £7 version and the £12 version is £7 one is warm white and the £12 version is warm white and cool white ambiance, but as for size it depends on the light fittings that are already there as to whether they fit or not. Hope this helps


Not for me? I’m in UK with below info…

So they are different sizes then? Which is biggest?


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Your in the market place, go to your dashboard where your find supported devices, and define what you mean by the biggest, because the lamp size definition is GU10 and I’m also in the uk ,
Cheers jools


I don’t know how to add devices on the dashboard, can’t see any option to. Can you screenshot for clarity please.

By biggest, I’m meaning physical size. I’ve had some GU10 that won’t physically fit in my light fittings where others will.


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that’s a difficult one to determine it depends how old your GU10 fittings are, you can return items to ikea up to a year, may be buy one of each to test out before committing, that’s how I done it.
This was screenshot on my android phone with the newer app I think, only one I’ve used so far as I’m newbie


Ah ok I’m on iOS and I believe still on iOS classic app as think have to wait for Samsung to say use new one.

So when you click on add device it shows a list with IKEA bulb as an option in UK?

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Hi, yeah press supported devices, then light bulbs then scroll down and TRÅDFRI are listed