Tradfri products

I bought some IKEA Tradfri products yesterday. This will be my first time using trying these products. I did not purchase a hub.

I have a Philips Hue hub and a Smartthings hub. Which one should I connect the products to in order to get the best experience with the Tradfri products? I assume if I connect them to the Hue hub, they will push over to Smartthings since I have the two linked?

The items I purchased are:

1 dimmable white bulb
1 dimmable white and color bulb
1 5 button remote control
1 2 button remote control
2 wireless motion sensors

Additional info: I do not intend to directly integrate any of these items with my existing Hue bulbs; I only mentioned the Hue hub because I did read it offers more control over the color bulbs.

I intend to use one of the motion sensors to trigger a “routine” using other smart bulbs through smartthings.

All the other tradfri products will be used together. The 5 button remote will control the color bulb. The 2 button remote will control the white bulb, with the motion sensor tied to that one as well.

So basically this question is which hub? Hue or Smartthings or did I make a mistake not picking up the Tradfri hub as well?


You should connect the bulbs to hue. Im not sure if its possible to connect the remotes and motion sensor to hue.


You can’t use both the tradfri hub and the smartthings hub, so you made the right decision there. :sunglasses:

As far as the bulbs, you can do it either way. Connect them to the hue hub or connect them to the smartthings hub. They will still show up in smartthings.

The remotes are a different issue. The hue integration does not expose any “accessories“, whether they are its own brand or a third-party brand, to smartthings. That includes handheld remotes, sensors, and the wall module. So the remotes and sensors have to be connected to the smartthings hub in order to be used with smartthings.


Thanks to you both. I guess a concern I had regarding not buying the tradfri hub is that I’ve read if the devices do not come with the proper firmware, they will not work in ST. They are brand new so I doubt this will be a problem but it does suggest future firmware updates pushed out by Ikea could cause issues with compatibility on other hubs if I don’t have their hub to download the latest firmware.

That’s true, some people do buy a tradfri hub for that reason. But be aware that updating the firmware that way would require removing the device all together from the smartthings network, then joining it to the tradfri hub, then re-joining it to the smartthings hub.

There is a method for updating the firmware of Zigbee devices via the smartthings hub, but it can sometimes take a long time before that is made available for a specific model.

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could you please tell me more? I’ve activated everything about the Zigbee update in the IDE.
And never seem it’s updating for 3 years I have several different Tradfre devices. So either it’s happening seamlessly in the background and I always have latest version or it just does not work

It’s up to the device manufacturer to send the update files to smartthings where they can then be made available to all customers the next time Zigbee updates are done.

I don’t know which specific devices/manufacturers have participated in this, but I believe IKEA did this at least once with their original bulbs that didn’t follow the Zigbee spec. But that was a long time ago and I don’t know any details. I just know that it is possible and that, for example, in the case of the IKEA buttons that are using a batteries in a few days, smartthings engineering has said they were working with IKEA on a solution.

@posborne might know more about Zigbee firmware updates from third parties.

Just to avoid any possible ambiguity, all you have to do at the ST end is re-pair the device once you’ve updated the firmware.

However pairing to the IKEA gateway can be tedious and uncomfortable and involve relocating sensors temporarily and the firmware installs when it feels like it. It can be minutes, it can be hours. It is a miserable experience best avoided so it would certainly earn brownie points for ST if they made the firmware available.

As the gateway is only £22 in the UK I thought it worth a punt, and I found a permanent use for it as well.


it’s a good investment in e-waste. this piece of plastic will cover with dust after a couple of updates and end up somewhere in the landfill of a third world country