Ikea (Tradfri)Motion sensor change status to inactive

I have Ikea Trafdri motion sensor and it report movement every 3 minutes. Is there a way to shorten time it takes to change it’s status, let’s say to 15 seconds.

I have the sensor in a place where the light chould only stay on for about the time there is motion and not any longer. So the light should only be on when there is movement.

Usually the “sleep time” isn’t adjustable.

The ikea Tradfri sensor does not have configurable parameters. That’s true of most inexpensive sensors, because they’re engineered to meet a specific battery life target. If you speed up the reporting time, you significantly decrease the battery life.

The most configurable home automation sensor that works with smartthings is probably the Fibaro zwave. It lets you change all kinds of settings, although, again, you will reduce the battery life if you shorten the sleep time.


Thanks for your input. I’m going to give it a try with Fibaro sensor.