Ikea Fyrtur + new app will not pair. What am I doing wrong?

Hi all,

I have one Ikea Fyrtur blind, the v2 hub, and the new app. I do not have the Tradfri hub. I am trying to pair the blind to my hub using the standard device handler in the new app. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. I reset the blind by pushing the two buttons simultaneously on the blind for a long time - past the blinks and until it started pulsing. I think that resets it.
  2. I reset the Ikea remote for good measure by pressing the remote button four times.
  3. I go into the app and go to the plus sign (Add) > Device > IKEA > Window Treatment > IKEA > press the Start button > select the correct Room > select Next
  4. At this point the app says “Press and hold both buttons on the blind until the light flashes”. So I do that. I’ve tried variations of letting go of the buttons during the flashes, after the flashes are over, WAY after the flashes are over, etc. Doesn’t seem to matter.
  5. On the blind, the lights flash a bit, then pulse for a bit, then turn off. At the same time, the light on the hub is blinking green. The app continues to very slowly increment the percentage.
  6. Eventually the light on the blind turns off, and the app says “The device is not responding. Try adding the device again.” The light on the hub stops blinking at this point.

I’ve tried this probably 20 or so times, all with the same result. The blind is a couple of feet away from the hub. Originally I was using the blind with the IKEA remote so I know the blind can send/receive a signal. I just have no idea why it won’t pair with the hub. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get this to work?

I recently paired a couple of IKEA movement sensors, the instructions in the ST app on what to do were pointless they just did not work

Not sure about blinds but the movement sensors have a "link’ button on them, I had to press this continually like a mad man for about a minute, the ST app suddenly changed screen to “name your device” so pairing was successful but it certainly was not easy

If you have a pair button, press the hell out of it for a minute to see if ST pairs with it

Reading the instructions, there is a repeater included, you didn’t mention if that was also plugged in local to the blind

I’ve tried it with the repeater plugged in and also with it unplugged. I’ve read other accounts online of people who successfully paired them using the steps I took, so I didn’t think of just pushing the blind buttons a bunch of times, but I will try that today.

The instructions do say…
with repeater plugged in

I just found with my motion sensor from IKEA that holding the link button in and don’t let go, worked best

Ok - I just figured it out and it was the dumbest thing. My hub was apparently too close to my router. After still not being able to pair the blinds I tried pairing the IKEA button/remote that came with it, and that failed as well. So I Googled problems with Zigbee devices pairing, and right away saw that the hub being too close to the router could be an issue. After moving the hub across the room, the blind paired right away.