Ikea TRÅDFRI guide

OK, at this point I have the basics of my room done. Writing this down from memory for ‘posterity’…

[sigh - I can’t add more than 2 links because I’m a new user… OK I guess I’ll remove everything except the 2 device handler links]

My gear

  • 3x 980lm multicolor bulbs
  • 5-button remote
  • Google Home
  • Smartthings Hub (mine is a smartthings link plugged into NVidia Shield - this should act as a standard hub)
  • Android Phone
  • Logitech Harmony (not used currently… help?)

My setup process, mostly step by step;
1/ Install bulbs
2/ Turn on/off light 6x. I hear the best approach is to have it on 0.5s, then off 2s, then on 0.5… all that 6x. For me it worked just standard on/off-ing 6x.
-> after 6x all 3 lamps turned briefly on-off-on - you’ll know it when you see it.
3/ Install Smartthings app
4/ Install Android TV Smartthings app for my Shield. (only when you have a shield, else skip)
5/ Log in to smartthings developer API (you might need to create an account)
-> You might have to go to the specific API site for your hub. A bit strange but I think if your hub is bought in the US you need to go to the US api site etc, else your stuff might not show up properly.
6/ Go to device handler page. Create new device handler.
7/ Click on ‘code’ tab so you get an empty page.
8/ Paste in Edvald Eysteinsson’s Bulb Handler
9/ Click ‘publish’ button
10/ Repeat 6-9 for Rich Mercer’s 5-button Remote
-> note: the device registers, and I can see it’s battery state but frankly I’m not sure this actually DOES anything =) Anyway…
11/ Open up your 5-button remote
12/ Press the pair button 4x, a hidden red led on the front should light up. It is now reset
13/ Turn on/off lights 2x (I saw this somewhere and I’m pretty sure this is what made it work for me!)
14/ Immediately after 13, on Android App, in ‘things’ tab, tap ‘add a thing’.
-> It might take a while (1 minute…), but it should find your bulbs
-> I hear you might want to hold your lamp right next to your hub. Literally 2 cm away, while doing this step.
15/ Hopefully your bulbs and remote are now registered. Ta-daa.
16/ Take remote, and hold it near a bulb, press+hold the ‘link’ button for 10-odd seconds, until the bulb starts to pulse a bit. Let go. Bulb should pulse one more time.
17/ (repeat for all light bulbs you want to control with the remote)
18/ On your google home app on android, connect to smartthings the usual way (home -> menu -> home control -> add device)

That’s it, all done!