Setting up IKEA Trådfri LED driver & IKEA Trådfri 5 button remote


Could anybody guide me through the sequence of connecting the IKEA Trådfri LED driver to my SmartThings and IKEA Trådfri 5 button remote to two of these drivers? That is, so that the drivers can be controlled from SmartThings and the remote. SmartThings correctly identifies the driver when pairing, without any custom device handlers. But when I pair the remote with the driver then SmartThings loses control, and vice versa. Managed to get this working about a year ago with an IKEA Trådfri bulb, but can’t recall how. Do I have to pair the remote with SmartThings as well?

I’ve been scavenging the forums for an answer but I am finding so many different approaches, several year old topics with hundreds of posts, and most of the time for the bulbs. Maybe this should be added to the FAQs.


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Anyone? A pointer in the right direction would be appreciated.

I feel your pain, i have been unable to pair the driver and im still looking for an answer.

did you manage to get urs working? if yes, any help would be appreciated