IKEA Floalt pairing Smarttthings Hub


(Stephen) #1

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone gotten the large 60x60 FLOALT LED panel working with a smart things hub?

I see on this forum several suggestions pressing the on/off button with the remote 7 or more times to go into discovery mode however I am unable to get this to work… including a hard plug/unplug and link pairing using the remote

Would anyone have any other suggestions?

Many Thanks in advance!

(Sergio Ferreira) #2

Have you put smartthings in discovery mode? I assume so…

(Stephen) #3

HI Sergio,

Thanks for the suggestion… Yes i have…

Event logs on the webportal show “include search” from zwStatus… Does anyone know what Zigbee shows when in discovery mode… im guessing zw is zwave.


(Stephen) #4

OK solved the issue…

You need to power off/on 6 times from the electric switch (not the hockey puck) to get it to show in the smartthings discovery :slight_smile:

The more you know!

(Julius Bech) #5

Have you tried pairing the IKEA Remote with the smartthings hub? If yes, how did you do it?

(Stephen) #6

Hey Julius, Unfortunately I haven’t gotten this to work yet however I am keeping a keen eye on IKEA Tradfri Button -- help needed

(Julius Bech) #7

I found this solving the problem of using the IKEA Remote with the IKEA bulbs while the IKEA bulbs are also connected with the Smartthings Hub:

I still haven’t figured out how to use the IKEA remote with other Smartthings devices, since i can’t find a device handler for the IKEA remote.

(Stephen) #8

Great find!! thank you… I didn’t know you could use the two at the same time… Will give it a try later when I get home :slight_smile: