IKEA Trådfri button remote stopped working and won't pair with ST


I have an IKEA Trådfri 2 button remote which refuses to pair with my ST hub. I have tried both scanning for new devices, as well as adding it manually from the list. I press the pairing button 4 times in quick succession, and it lits red. But the app just says “Preparing - press the pairing button 4 times” and nothing more happens. I have tried with two new batteries, so that can’t be the issue. I also put the remote on top of the hub and tried restarting the app. It was previously used together with WebCore, but I removed the piston and the device from the SmartThings app. Could this be the issue somehow?

Any ideas?

Hold reset button for 10 or 20 seconds. Then try to pair

Thanks, holding for 20 seconds and then pressing the button four times helped (on second attempt)!

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