Ikea Tradfri 5-button remote

Does anyone have this working without an Ikea Hub?

I see some very old posts saying it works, but it doesn’t for me.

I’ve added and deleted it from my Aeotec hub many times. I’ve tried a few different drivers but no matter what it doesn’t register any button presses. It says it is connected but it always says ‘This device hasn’t updated all of us information yet. Check again later.’

What am I doing wrong? What can I try?

I assume you mean the circular hockey puck one?
I have this working, works without issue for me.

Yes the hockey puck.

When I got home today it finally isn’t saying it hasn’t updated it’s info yet, and now the battery status shows, but but presses still don’t register at all. (Although strangely it shows 44% using one driver and 87% using a different one)

Good to know it works for you. Now I’m thinking maybe mine is just defective. I bought it years ago and never used it and just found it in the garage a few days ago.

When you press a button is there any way to tell it worked on the device itself? Like when you are pairing it there is a red LED under the main button that lights up. Does that LED light up or anything else happen to know it registered?

Maybe it needs a firmware update, do you have a Tradfri hub to pair it with? If you do pair it it’s that and leave it paired for a while (it’s slow, might take a couple of days to update or do it in a couple of hours). After it’s updated try again on SmartThings. I had a Tradfri hub for a couple of years before getting SmartThings so mine maybe is a Later firmware.
It seems latest firmware for that remote is 24.4.5

Release Version: 1.23.1

25th Jan 2023

New features and changes in Accessories:

TRÅDFRI remote control and TRÅDFRI motion sensor 1.0 (24.4.5)
Product ID: E1524, E1810, E1525
◆ Optimised battery performance.
◆ Stability improvements.

From here


No I don’t have one.

Oh well I didn’t even have a specific use for it, I guess I’ll just throw it away.

Thanks for your help anyways.

Do you still have the button around? My guess is the firmware is actually recent, IKEA broke a few drivers when it changed both the bindings needed and the way to report battery level.

Out of curiosity, does the big power button work? I could understand why the others don’t work. Do you know the firmware version?

Edit: Indeed, firmware 24.x changed it all. I believe the stock SmartThings drivers are not compatible with the updated firmware versions of the buttons. They don’t account for the battery reporting or the bindings.