Ikea Tradfri 5 button remote


I am planning to buy an IKEA Tradfri 5-button remote.
Anyone who owns it currently, can you please confirm if it works with ST, and also do all the 4 outer buttons support a “push” and “hold”



Hi @titan I have the 5 button remote and can confirm all 4 outer buttons offer press & hold with the center button offering only a press.

The 5 button remote work perfectly fine with SmartThings, see below screenshot of the device options.


@Benjamin_Ginders thanks for the information!

Had one more quick question – how is the battery life for the 5-button remote? How long does the battery last on this typically?

I have changed the battery once in 2 years with moderate use

I can confirm the same

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Thanks to both of you for the responses!

Not a problem at all, enjoy your purchase… I’m hoping next we get a remote with double click etc also, so I can do even more with a remote

Any idea why the remote doesnt work for me?

It used to in the old app, and it seemed to have been carried over well in the migration.
It shows in the IDE as online and it looks very similar to the screenshot above.

However when I assign scenes or bulbs to the buttongs, nothing happens upon a button press…

Try to pair it again, 4 press on the back button.

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That worked!

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