Ikea Styrbar Switch


I’m looking for a way to integrate the ikea styrbar switch into smartthings.
So far it has only been recognized as a thing.
All other switches from ikea are recognized.
What can I do?

Thanks for your help.

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Change the Device Handler in the IDE to the IKEA Button one.

You are the first one who asks about this switch, and it looks pretty new.
There is some chance that the previous DH will work with this new remote, if not then you need to wait for somebody who will make a new DH for it.

@prjct92eh2, have you seen this new remote?

@tpmanley, who is taking care of the IKEA device DHs since @BroderickCarlin has left?

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Someone pointed it out to me on Twitter the other day. Supposedly it takes AAA batteries which is nice. But I haven’t tried it myself.

I am tempted to order one. Yes, it runs on two AAA batteries, and has 4 button (press and hold) options. (Up/down/left/right).

It hasn’t got the middle on/off like the 5 button one, but up should be on, and down should be off, when pressed, and hold would do the dimming in the IKEA environment.

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I wonder if this is replacing the 5 button remote? it also comes in white and it being bundled with bulbs like the 5 button remote was

I doubt that. It is more likely to match these stainless steel brushed kitchen wall panels.

And maybe to be placed like a normal switch. Like the Philips remote.

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