Ikea Symfonisk Gen 1 - Zigbee Dail/Button

Hi All,

I might have missed an old post but I couldn’t find anything regarding the Ikea Symfonisk Gen 1. I was at Ikea the other day and came across some of these devices for $1 each. I have been able to get them to connect to my Hub, but they are only able to be connected as a Zigbee Thing.

  1. Do these devices still work with smartthings?
  2. Is there a channel I could install on my hub which will allow me to support these devices?

Thanks all for reading and helping me with my first post. :slight_smile:

Checking on my hub I also found the device is getting the right name but the only driver I can use for it is the zigbee thing driver.

What am I missing?

Welcome, most ikea buttons in SmartThings need drivers made by the community since they don’t have official support.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall seeing an Edge driver for the Gen 1. I made a driver for the Gen 2 but, of course, they are completely different. Just like every ikea button, they all have different events and behaviours so it needs specific support for each model, a hard task without physically having the button.