IKEA Symfonisk Remote Control Gen 2 Edge Driver

Has anyone written an edge driver for IKEA Symfonisk Remote Control Gen 2? It seems like it is a Zigbee device.

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Is it really a Zigbee device? I have the Gen 1 which was, but this one looks like it has an IR emitted on the photos.


Technical data
Model: SYMFONISK sound remote gen 2
Type: E2123
Input: 2.4V, 2 x LADDA batteries HR03 AAA 1.2V
Range: 10 m unobstructed
For indoor use only
Operating frequency: 2400-2483.5 Mhz
Output power: 3 dBm (EIRP)

Oh, great. I’d also really like to find a driver for this version :wink: