IKEA Symfonisk Remote Control Gen 2 Edge Driver

Has anyone written an edge driver for IKEA Symfonisk Remote Control Gen 2? It seems like it is a Zigbee device.

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Is it really a Zigbee device? I have the Gen 1 which was, but this one looks like it has an IR emitted on the photos.


Technical data
Model: SYMFONISK sound remote gen 2
Type: E2123
Input: 2.4V, 2 x LADDA batteries HR03 AAA 1.2V
Range: 10 m unobstructed
For indoor use only
Operating frequency: 2400-2483.5 Mhz
Output power: 3 dBm (EIRP)

Oh, great. I’d also really like to find a driver for this version :wink:

Has anyone looked at this Gen 2 remote yet? We have most of the other Ikea kit on here now,…
Would love to be able to use it!

I’ve added support for the SYMFONISK gen 2 to my driver for modern IKEA buttons.

Note there are two firmware versions with breaking changes. The driver is tested with the most recent firmware 1.0.35, released around April 2023, already present in modern units you can buy at stores.

Try with your old version, most buttons should work and the driver has nice perks like multi-tap. If the dots work too then I’m buying lottery tickets because that part is a blind untested implementation :crossed_fingers:. If they don’t I may need some logs to fix it.

Tagging @rutingtp and @Konnichy if they still have the buttons around.

Thanks for the tag. I actually only have the v1 and was waiting for a driver before I get the v2. I might go to the store someday soon.

Great, then get the one with the new firmware, look at the numbers in the box, mine said 2336 which I believe means it’s a year 2023 model (don’t know what the 36 means, the week maybe which would be September?). There were other boxes with 22xx that most probably are old versions.

Edit: It is the year and week indeed! Source: IKEA (PDF file)

Thanks for the tag and your work on this.
Currently having issues connecting the Syfonisk Gen2 to my STV3Hub,. It keeps picking it up as a Zigbee Thing, even with deleting the Thing driver from the hub and a hub reboot…

I’m going to leave it for a bit and try again later

Thanks again

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SmartThings sometimes takes some time (minutes to hours) to realize there is a custom driver that can handle the device.

I also have the V3, if after some time it still doesn’t pair with the driver let me know and I’ll pair mine again just in case there was a bug somewhere after adding other models.