Ikea Symfonisk Controller

I wrote a simple DH and SmartApp for Ikea Sonos Controller, code and documentation can be found from here: https://github.com/jusa80/smartthings . To get it working you just need to install the DH and pair the Controller with four pushes.

I am using HUB v3 and new Smartthings App. With old App the UI for the device looks fine but I would like to make UI also prettier on new App. From where I could find some examples about DH UI for new App?


@Luis_Pinto, you might be interest about this.

Nice done.

Is this DH for this? Will it control lights?

Yes, that is the correct device. Currently it just controls Sonos devices but I am working on to add support also for lights

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Awesome, thank you. Pretty nice little device for $15, especially if we can use it as a ST dimmer. They have black and white versions at my local IKEA.

Hi, having trouble getting this to work. So far;

I have paired the device to my hub.
Created the Device Handler and Smart App using your code.
Assigned the Device Handler to the paired device.
Installed and Setup the Smart App.

But when I press the button or turn the rotary controller nothing is recorded and therefore nothing happens.

Using V2 Hub and Classic App.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Regards John

Hi John,

Are you able to see any events on “Recently” tab of the device?

Settings of the SmartApp should be like this:

Hi, all working now. Deleted the device and repaired. Thanks for your help.

Great :+1:

I will upload tomorrow new version of DH and smartapp in github. In addition there will be smartapp for lightbulb with on/off, dimming and color temperature control


Will need to go back to IKEA, I was carrying one around then sat it down to pickup something else and forgot about it :roll_eyes: Thanks!

@jusa1980 Can’t Wait! Looking forward to the update

New version is out. Please notice that you need to update both the DH and smartapp. This is because now the DH reports the level of the dimmer to make the light control possible and earlier only the change of the level was reported.

The light control smartapp controls are:

  • ON/OFF (click)
  • Change color temperature (double click)
  • Full brightness (treble click)
  • Brightness (dimmer)

I tested the smartapp with Ikea Trådfri white spectrum light bulb and the color temperatures are adjusted for that. I will add color change support also when I get RGBW light bulb.

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I just pushed new version of light control smartapp with support for RGB lights and multiple lights

thanks for this.

Anyway to have it change volume of ALL sonos speakers that is currently grouped with the speaker you select? Thats how it behaves when you use the ikea tradfri hub

Hi, I picked up a couple of these controllers yesterday (didn’t realize they came in black too, ugh) and attempted to install last night. Tested on my intended light bulb but got no reaponse from bulb. The symfonisk reports state changes to smartthings however.
I am wondering- is this only intended to work with white spectrum and RGB bulbs or am I missing something in the setup?
Also a suggestion- perhaps have separate threads for DH, Sonos, and light control?

Hi, is it possible to group multiple Sonos devices as group? At least that way you should be able to contol all of them and volume level for all would be same. Other way would be to multiply line 35 in sonos-remote-control-v0.10.groovy and replace “sonos” with “sonos1”, “sonos2”, “sonos3” and so on and also multiply the lines which are calling sonos functions

It should work with both, the tricky thing is that you need to select correct type. For example in “White Spectrum Light Bulb” selection you can only select bulb which is able to control white spectrum, at least Ikea’s RGB bulbs does not work when they are used in this. I tested the controller with Ikea white spectrum bulb and Ikea RGB bulb and they were working fine. Unfortunately I am currently moving from Germany to Finland so I am not able to debug this immediately but I will have a look as soon as possible

right, but what about standard bulbs controlled by smartthings? Non- spectrum, non-rgb zigbee bulbs or even plug in light controllers? Just wondering if this is intended use or not. If not I will end up returning one of the controllers I bought.

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