Ikea Symfonisk Controller

Kind of pulling my hair out with this for some reason. The controller seems to pair OK and shows-up with the right device handler. Get very occasional volume turn events but nothing else (no button pushes) in the live logging. Tried deleting and re-adding controller multiple times and re-publishing device handler/smart app. Even tried earlier versions of each. Any tips? Maybe the hardware itself is bad, but surprised it would even pair if it was.

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I really cant get this to work at all. It pairs, i have everything installed as it should be, smartthings has discovered my symfonisk controller as it should but I get 0% battery all the time. If i assign single press/double press etc they do nothing. Ive assigned my sonos speakers and ive tried them one by one. Nothing.
Im clearly being dumb or its broken!

Any help would be great. Thanks

Same for me. Nothing works

thanks @Waldo68 ! just trying to get the dimming functionality working with the new Smartthings app? All pairing and button presses are working and I can even see the dimming values changing in the device menu, but I don’t know how to assign the dimming to a bulb?

I got the button paired and the press buttons work to play my sonos speaker but volume dimmer does not adjust the volume, nothing happens on the sonos speaker. I can see in the logs that the action is recorded:

Creating event: [name:button, value:held, data:[buttonNumber:2], descriptionText:SYMFONISK Sound Controller volume button was held, isStateChange:true]

Got it working. I forgot to set the Sonos Remote Control app.

Submitted a PR to get the dimmer working again with the new app. @jusa1980, please take a look!

I’ve set up the Device and Smartapp but I get no response from my dial.

Battery level reported as Zero. Anything I should be checking?


I succeed to install the DH and Smart App. I assigned stop and play. But How to assign the volume to the Sonos controller?

I also had the issue that rotating the dial did nothing but button presses worked.
For me this was resolved by looking at the device and manually changing the dimmer slider up.
After that, rotation does raise/lower volumes.

I really wanted this to work, so I didn’t have to use the Ikea hub.
i am fairly new to the smartthings world, but I was able to manually install the DH and smart app (adding from repo encountered an error, same as someone had already posted here) but that’s where it ended. i was unable to find the new device type or pair the button. any baseline instructions for noobs would be appreciated.

I also can no longer access this Smartapp. It is listed under the IDE page but I cannot delete it or update from repo (error).

Just wanting to confirm since there’s not much going on here; Does this still work for using the Symfonisk remote to control lights?

Likewise. I’ve published the code to my Device Handlers, but it doesn’t pair with my hub properly. I do the usual IKEA pairing method of 4 presses on the pair button, but it comes up as a generic device called “Thing” everytime and you can’t even access it. I changed the device type in the IDE to the name of the DH, and that makes it accessible, but I can’t do anything in it like the others since the device basically isn’t registering at all. Also tried @Luis_Pinto’s DH since it said it was updated 4 months ago, but I get the same results and have to still add it manually in IDE (and still get no functionality).