Ikea intergration


I am a new user to the home automation game. I started off with an IKEA kit with hub two bulbs and using apple home-kit, and that has worked well, but I want to create a more elaborate smart home

I want to create some full integration so moved to Samsung v3 hub, and have some IKEA stuff to experiment with

Current Kit is

V3 Hub
4 Ikea bulbs (e14 and e27)
Tradfri motion sensor
5 button thing
single button
rotating dimmer
Samsung MU7000 TV
Samsung MS650 Soundbar
Sonos Bookshelf

Currently I cannot get anything to connect to the V3 hub. I have gone through resets of the bulbs and they are flashing but they wont connect. I go through the add device and select IKEA light, if it does add anything it adds an additional ‘M7 speaker’ which I don’t own. It has also changed my MS650 speaker to ‘M7’

Basically are there any basic guides to get me started, i’m clearly doing something wrong. Do i need to connect the IKEA hub to the V3 hub?

Any help greatly appreciated

For me, the new app has difficulty pairing ikea bulbs with an older firmware.
They would come as a “Thing” and could not do anything more.
I had to use a custom device handler in the IDE for them to work.

If your bulbs are old it may be that.

EDIT. I noticed you had a “Thing” is most likely that is your bulb.
Try to go into the IDE, login, devices
select a Zigbee handler instead


Ive logged into the IDE section, its not showing any of my connected devices.

When I get home I will have to have a proper look

Also any ideas why my soundbar has changed from an MS650 to the ‘M7’?

If it’s the first login, You may need to add or select your hub first I think.

I’m in, I have managed to change the ‘thing’ to the one you have suggested. I will test it once I get home. Then I will try and figure out how to add the dimmer switches and ikea buttons to the hub.

I want to use the button to trigger a night time routine, making sure everything is turned off etc.

Thanks for the help Murdoc12, there may be more questions later

Or the fact you posted a redirect in the URL above. Users should be using https://account.smartthings.com and not the URL you posted.


Just to make sure, you have disconnected the Ikea hub right?

Feeling slightly stupid right now. I haven’t turned the hub off, but it is disconnected from the Ethernet. That could be why I can’t connect then. Prioritizing the IKEA hub over my HUB. I have reset the bulbs so thought that would clear the old pairing allowing ti to pair to a new hub? Its something to try when I get home

I don’t know for sure if that’s what is happening, but I would definitely turn it totally off now that you have SmartThings. Also make sure your SmartThings hub is at least 5 ft away from any WiFi routers.

There is no integration to the IKEA hub. You will connect your devices directly to the smartthings hub instead. So you have to make sure that you have removed the devices from control by the IKEA hub before you will be able to add them to the smartthings hub.

(And this would be a good place to mention the first rule of home automation: “the model number matters.”

I just bring that up because whether you can use a device with its own hub and with smartthings at the same time varies from brand to brand.

With Phillips hue devices, for example, the only official integration is through the Phillips hue bridge. But with IKEA or Sylvania, you use the smartthings hub instead of the brand hub. :sunglasses: )

I was just going to say what JDRoberts did: drop the devices from the IKEA hub & turn it off.

I have a Tradfri plug & three E12 bulbs. No IKEA hub. Due to where things are in the house, the plug was first then the bulbs via mesh network off the plug. They connected up just fine and work great with my V3 ST hub.

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Thanks for all the advice everyone!!!

I’m not sure why I didn’t turn the IKEA hub off. I assumed the fact that I reset the bulbs would mean they would be in pairing mode, ready to link to whatever hub requested the pairing, in my case the V3 hub.

I will double check model numbers but all IKEA parts were purchased in the last 2 weeks. Looking forward to trying again this evening, annoying the wife turning lights on and off 6 times, multiple times.

Can anyone help with the soundbar issue. Why its named M7. Looking in the IDE section, it appears to be 2 versions, one for wireless and one for LAN