Ikea Smartblinds (Fyrtur) automation

I am trying to make a piston in webcore that when my lightsensor reads 13000 lux starts a timer for 10 minutes and if the light after 10 minutes is still 13000 lux, lower my IKEA Smart Blinds. If the light droppes below 13000 lux it resets the timer to start again if light goes over 13000lux.
And then a similar piston for when they are supposed to go up… (8000lux)
This is gonna prevent my blinds to go up and down with every sky that passes over.

Im a rookie when it comes to webcore and would apriciate all help I could get.

The best place to get webcore assistance is the webcore forum. There are a few guys over there who enjoy helping others build their pistons :slight_smile:

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