Tradfri E1745 ~ Motion Sensor

Hi everyone.

I’ve been having problems with x2 of the Ikea motion sensors. Both periodically go offline on my ST v3 hub, and I have remove and re-add them to the hub in order to reconnect. However, re-adding is becoming increasingly more difficult. Pressing the connect button 4 times brings the flashing light, but the app on my android phone never seems to successfully connect. Once in around 20 attempts when I’ve left it to try to connect do I find that they’re showing on the Hub.

I’m hoping one of you knowledgeable chaps will simply tell me I’m an idiot and there’s a simple thing I’m doing wrong?


Do they really go completely offline though? I have some motion sensors, a few IKEA and some tuya. If not triggered for a long period I think they go to sleep and SmartThings reports them as offline. Walking past them often will waken them and generate a motion event. That said I’ve had one IKEA one that has been more bothersome than others and I’ve had to repair it a couple of times in the last 3 months after it would not wake from sleep. Check the batteries are fresh too

I’ll second that, in many cases with the Tuya door sensors, and in the case of the IKEA motion sensors nearly all the time. It doesn’t really cause any problem as far as I can see so I get to live with it.

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Hi Johnny,

I don’t know if you’ve tried it yet, but delete them with the app and add them again from scratch near the hub.
This should configure them correctly.

There are times when a driver change is made from the zigbee thing and that causes it to be paired, but the periodic reports are not configured correctly and the devices are shown offline


Hi Mariano,
Thanks for the suggestion - I will try it these days and let you know.
BTW I assume that if you are here this afternoon there has been no luck with the lottery :man_shrugging: The consolation is that at our age it really wouldn’t make that much difference!
¡Felices Fiestas!

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You are absolutely right, today in Spain is the day of hope and health! :grinning:

The excitement of why you’ll get a pinch in the Christmas lottery and the consolation that the more important thing is health

Merry christmas

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I’m afraid not, one will go off and register no motion for days, I have 2 in the same room triggering lights in the kitchen so I’ll not notice when one goes offline as the other usually picks up the slack. I’ll check the logs and they’ve not registered anything for days…

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