Ikea GU10 can't connect


I have a problem connecting my new IKEA GU10 bulbs to my ST v3

These are brand new, I took the old ones back to ikea cuz I couldn’t connect to them.

The old ones actually was connected to my ST, but for a variety of reasons I had to reset the ST and reconnect everything, and they wouldn’t connect again.

I can’t really get the hub and bulb any closer to each other :wink:


I decided to try some more after posting. I think I found the trick.

On all of my other ikea bulbs (e27 and e14) it doesn’t really matter how many times you turn them on and off to reset/put them in paring mode, just as long as it’s above 6 times you power cycle them. I usually do it around 7-8 times, not really counting.

These GU10 seems to be picky about it being exactly 6 times. I succeeded in pairing all 3 in a row when cycling them exactly 6 times.

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Hey Thomas

Which GU10 bulb from IKEA did you buy? I have bought these: https://www.ikea.com/dk/da/p/tradfri-led-paere-gu10-400-lumen-tradlos-kan-daempes-varm-hvid-60420041/

Unfortunately i have not been able to connect them to my SmartThings Hub :frowning:

I believe it’s the same ones I bought, I just bought the set of 3 including the dimmer remote.

Did you try counting to only 6 power cycles?
So start from off, and go on-wait a second-off-wait s second, and leaving them on the 6th time you got “on”?

And maby try 1 bulb at the time, in case you have more than one

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Sorry, totally forgot to reply back :slight_smile: It worked and all 3 are now in use with Google Home :wink:

Thank You :+1: