Ikea E1766 TRADFRI Open/Close Edge Driver


I recently purchased some blinds at Ikea. I have them set up via the hub and they are working through the app. I am trying to get the remote to work them also but I am having no luck currently.
I have tried Ikea Window 1.1 driver from @veonua but it won’t recognize the button presses.
Not sure what to try or where to go from here.


Appreciate the help.

I think the driver located here might work, but I have no idea how to install it…

You need a driver from my channel only if you want to pair the button to the shades directly (default IKEA behavior)
To make it work you have to set the same Group ID in the settings for both button and shades. Remember to click (wake up) the button once save the value.

Do the shades need a custom edge driver to great groups? I don’t seem to see any way to set them.
To use the ikea default behavior, do I sync it like mentioned in the manual? Can the blind also be paired with smartthings if paired with the button?

Any help you can offer me on adding the drivers from the official smartthings channel would also be appreciated. I can’t seem to figure it out without the same kind of link community members offer.

Thank you

You don’t need to follow the steps outlined in the IKEA manual. In my experience, they don’t work well for ST, that’s why I’ve developed this driver.

With this driver, you can control the blinds using both the hub and the remote. However, please note that you can’t override the default remote behavior, so creating routines in the ST app might not be very practical.

To access the extended settings, you’ll need to have both blinds and a remote connected to my channel’s driver. This may involve some steps to ensure that devices remain awake and that you can assign the group ID. Once you’ve successfully grouped them, you can switch to the official channel drivers.

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