IKEA TRÅDFRI Open/Close switch (zigbee)

Hi all,
I would like to ask if there is some working driver for IKEA TRÅDFRI Open/Close switch (zigbee).
I successfully installed blinds and same Ikea remote control more than year ago which is still working fine (blinds and zigbee remote control).
I installed new blinds with the same type of zigbee remote control with the same drivers (like year ago) but remote control is not working. In the logs I don’t see any entries. Seems to be it does not send any cmds.
Please help.
Thank in Advance

I have one, that works both directly (bind) or through the hub

Would you be so kind to share it with me please?

I’m out of the keyboard, try to search my channel on the forum. There are all the drivers

I successfully installed edge driver and also paired the ikea remote control with hub but remote control seems to be not working. For sure I also set up each button but nothing in history and no action happen.
Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong please?

Edge driver I deployed:

Name Ikea Window
Permissions zigbee: Enable full access to Zigbee actions

Try to change the group in the settings. To any number eg 1234.

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Thank you very much Andrew, it did the trick. Ikea remote control working fine now.

you can put the window shades in the same group, the remote will command directly to the shades.

Thank you, will try it.