Compatible driver for IKEA e1766 FYRTUR motorized blind remote?

I have checked the edge drivers pages and searched the boards, but can’t find an edge driver for the is IKEA e1766 FYRTUR remote. It is a 2 button remote that controls the IKEA FYRTUR blinds to open & close the blinds. Two button - open, close. I was able to add the blinds through SmartThings compatible devices. But the remote for the blinds are not directly supported. Any suggestions?

Mine is using the stock Zigbee Button driver

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There are 3rd party drivers with direct binding. With the latest Hub FW updates it works pretty solid.

Does your driver Ikea Window 1.1 solve my issue and allow for remote addition? If not, what driver should I use? I can’t find any specifically for the FYRTUR remote searching here.

yes, both blinds and buttons should use the driver and be assigned in the same group (in settings). Use a random 4-digit number for the group.

remember to wake up the device before saving the settings

Thank you!

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should the blinds report battery with your driver?

yes, as far as I remember it is an extension of the ST driver, all the features should be there.
But you can switch driver to the default one , the group setting will stay untouched.