Help with IKEA TREDANSEN shade and remote control

About December 2022 I paired IKEA TREDANSEN shade and the Tradfri 2 button remote that came with it to Smartthings. The shade worked with Smartthings - but the remote does not work.

I’m using this driver for both IKEA shade and the 2 button remote.

  • NameIkea Window 1.1
  • Permissions
    • zigbee: Enable full access to Zigbee actions

Originally - the IKEA remote paired with the Zigbee driver but I changed it to IKEA Window 1.1 driver.

I made sure both IKEA shade and remote are set to group 12 - in driver settings.

IKEA remote - Toggled Up- is configured to Window shade: Open
And Toggled down - is configured to Window Shade: Close, Shade level: 30%

When I press either of the remote button - nothing happen. I don’t see activity registered in the History.

I’m not sure if the included repeater need to be paired with smartthings or not. Or maybe if the remote is paired to the repeater. The repeater is plugged in - but at the moment. Smartthings hub is located in the same room as IKEA shade.

Any help is appreciated to get this remote button to control IKEA Window shade.

Why not just pair the remote to the hub with the built in Edge driver? (At least I THINK it works with the build in Edge driver) and then make a routine for button presses? That’s how I’ve done it.

The link for the Edge driver that you’ve linked doesn’t load for me. What’s the name of the Edge driver that you’re using? I’m currently using a DTH which probably won’t work for much longer.

EDIT: Found the working link here GitHub - veonua/SmartThingsEdge-Xiaomi: SmartThings Edge drivers for XIaomi and Aqara devices

the “stop on release” is available only with the direct commands. It’s useful when you want to block a sunbeam but still keep lights inside