IKEA E1745 TRADFRI "Help needed"

Hello I just bought the motion sensor from IKEA and it was added to my ST account in a blink but with a constant “no motion”… i squeezed my brain so much with no hope, searched the forum where i found bunch of stuff but no clear answer, i tried pairing 7 times with no hope, always getting placeholder TYPE…
tried changing to IKEA motion sensor and to a bunch of other DTH and none worked, could anyone please help or clarify which DTH is working or if there is a custom one?

As a DTH it should be the Ikea Motion Sensor but if it had a Placeholder type that suggests it has been installed with an Edge driver, and if it is showing ‘no motion’ then it must be quite a sensible one. Do you have any beta Edge drivers installed?

What device name was it given when it paired? That is often a clue.

There is a Day/Night button on the sensor that toggles between all day and night only control of lights and it is easily pressed. However I am not sure if that affects motion reporting to SmartThings or just directly paired devices.

ST gave it the name “IKEA motion sensor”.

what do u mean by edge driver i dont think i installed any such thing

before and after changing to ikea motion sensor device type

ST is in the process of moving from the groovy device types to Edge Drivers. In IDE in the first image you posted, the type will display as Placeholder which means it is using an Edge Driver. Right now, some Edge drivers are available when you pair a device. When it is paired using an Edge driver, you should not switch it to a groovy device handler as it will not work. To fix it, you will need to remove it and pair it again.

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I tried removing and pairing around 20 times so far… no solution around it?

It is clear from the device name ‘motion-battery’, and the placeholder device type seen from the IDE, that an Edge driver is being used. This is puzzling as there is no evidence of that being one of the devices that has been released into production, which would suggest you either have a beta release, or a community written version, of the driver installed. However you’d know if you had done that.

If you find the entry for your device and your hub in the mobile app, open the detail pages and then look in the settings, you should see a Driver menu in each case. It would be interesting to know what it says in there in both instances.

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I hope u meant one of those. Im a big newbie btw, so go easy on me xD

I meant the second one. Unfortunately the Description, Developer and Support information fields aren’t yet populated, but the version number is that of the latest stock Zigbee Motion Sensor driver.

You’ll will find that your hub is also listed as a ‘device’ in the app and that will also have a Driver entry. That one will look slightly different as it shows the ‘channels’ your hub is enrolled in, and a list of all the Edge drivers that are installed on your hub.

Apart from the slight mystery of how you came to be using the Edge driver, there is the issue of why it doesn’t seem to be working for you. I use Ikea Motion Sensors and the stock driver does work, though it does flag the device offline if there are significant periods of inactivity. It’s been like that since the driver was introduced several months ago but hopefully it will be resolved eventually. Usually it goes back online with activity but I’ve had a couple that have stayed offline in the last few days.

I had to pair my Ikea motion sensors right next to the hub to get them working properly.

i will sure try that when i get home today

Nothing worked so far. Is there a way to remove the edge driver? @orangebucket @Paul_Oliver @jkp

The only way is to install a custom device handler in IDE, then remove/reset the IKEA motion sensor and pair it again. It would get the custom device handler instead of the Edge driver. But I would not recommend using groovy device handlers at this point as it will need to be switched back to an Edge driver when ST ends support for groovy.

I use the Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc (Edge driver) from @Mariano_Colmenarejo for my IKEA motion sensor. Give it a try.

once you subscribe to his channel and enroll the Driver, you can select it in the App for the motion sensor.

Thanks for the tip. Done it, and same issue persists no motion at all times until it goes offline

I am having the same problem with the IKEA E1745 motion sensor. I paired it with my V2 ST hub and I can see the battery as well as motion status. The motion sensor never changes from the state of No motion.
Driver Name: Zigbee Motion Sensor
Version: 2022-11-08-T22:02:20.188166891
When I attempt Select Different Driver button, no results found

Have you found a solution for the motion detection issue?

Regards, Richard

Unfortunately no.

It’s in my box of unused stuff now sadly

I turned in an issue report to SmartThings Support. I think they updated the device driver. My IKEA motion sensor has been working for a month. Removed from system and reinstalled.
Hub Hardware: V2
Hub software: v 45
Ikea motion sensor driver: v 2022-11-29T21-1923-25510133
Regards, Richard

I just bought an E1745 Ikea motion sensor. I was able to get it paired to my ST v2 hub. Took a bit of trying but persistence won. I did put the sensor right on top of the hub during the pairing after I held the link button on the sensor for at least 10 seconds.

Good luck. It would be nice if the sensor had a indicator light for pairing.

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After several months of having it connected with “Battery” status only, Motion NEVER worked. Removed/Deleted device from account, tried to Add (Factory Reset 4x Tap <5 seconds, then Hold >10s) less than 5cm from ST hub - Still No Joy in adding hardware Error Code 34-302

Not sure if this is a HUB, Firmware, Driver or motion hardware issue. In any case, it does not work, and a waste of time and effort. Perhaps support needs to be removed from SmartThings if it doesn’t work.

IKEA Device Firmware version: 20022623
Driver Version: 2023-06-13T18:57:34.27607388
Hub FW 000.048.00005
Controller Version 2.3.22-2

Turned off ZIGBEE Secure for Hub, This MAY have helped add the device a little faster, but still no Motion, only Battery status.

I guess I have a device that tells me how fast it can use battery power for no purpose at all.

Don’t do the holding for > 10 seconds thing, that is for pairing directly with another device or the Tradfri gateway. Just doing the reset sequence will put the sensor into pairing mode. Mine pair in situ.