IKEA Dimmer/Remote (5 button) not pairing fix

See bottom of post for solution that worked for me.

I recently spent an evening trying to pair 2x more IKEA Remote Controls to my setup (Aeotec hub) with no success. I tried:

  • Pair as IKEA dimmer, IKEA button, generic z-wave device - no luck
  • Used my iPhone, my partners iPhone, my Android tablet with all combinations above - no luck

I would constantly get error 34-302 (error message which shows on Android tablet) and the normal error screen on iPhone (which has no error code shown).

I googled and came across other pairing issue threads, none for the IKEA Remote Control, but a few did mention restarting the hub then trying again… to which my surprise worked first time :man_facepalming: my approach will now be to restart the hub as first action if I can ever not pair a device.

Hope this can help others.