Looking For An Edge Driver For Aqara Water Leak Sensors

Has anyone found a good driver that can be used for the Aqara Water Leak Sensor Model: SJCGQ11LM?

I have been using the “Zigbee Aqara Water Leak Sensor MC” edge driver from Mariano. Here is the invitation to the channel.



I can confirm that it works with Aqara SJCGQ11LM


Yes, Sir thanks for the suggestion it works but still says cloud for execution location. I thought all edge drivers were local.

Looks like you are still viewing from the IDE so I would ignore anything you read in that with its pending shut down.

The API browser by Taustin is my go to for anything Smartthings now.


I follow the link and able to install the driver, but how do I pair the device to SmartThings?

Set Smartthings into “add device”, then scan for new devices. As it is scanning, then click the top button 3 times @ the water drop. You will see an indicator flash with each press. If it does not find the device the first time, then repeat the process.

Good Luck

Thanks, I am able to pair it, thanks for the tips, key to keep press hold the button for 1s to keep the 3 flashes going.

glad I could help, I did not know about the hold for 1 sec. I will try that next time.

Best Regards