iHome Smart plug connectivity Lost today (January 2018)

I have been having issues with my ihome smartplugs for the past 24 hours or so. I am not able to use them in the iHome app nor am I able to use them with my Google home. There are also periods of time where the smart plugs will cycle on and off again. I have tried resetting all of the plugs and unplugging them as well. This morning I tried to reset one of the plugs again and now I can’t even get the plug to connect to the cloud. Every time I tried to set up the plug again I get an unsuccessful message. I have tried multiple times. My ihome app won’t even open anymore as well. Very frustrating.

You have done all that, but if you had read this and the other thread you would have seen that this is a iHome problem. iHome told me a minute ago that they are working on it.


No where in the thread did it say that it was a confirmed ihome problem when I posted. As for the other thread I don’t even know what thread you are referring to.

Sorry I was snippy Five post up, I had posted after talking to ST. iHome Plugs Not Working

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All 6 of my ISP6X smart plugs have failed with the Smart Hub but continue working in the iHome Control app and Homekit app from Apple. I hate wasting my time troubleshooting something only to realize the problem isn’t on my end but is something I can’t fix.


Yep, next time call me first and see if mine are doing the same thing.


That’s okay. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is experiencing problems. Hoping for a resolution soon.

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Major system problems will usually be posted to the official status page, although it can take a few hours. You can also subscribe to that page to get email alerts. The iHome issue was posted there a couple of hours ago, which is about a day after it started


Quicker updates can often be found on the “first bug report” page in the community – created wiki. There will just be a line or two about the problem, and a pointer back to a discussion thread in this forum.



so I should follow my instincts and buy z-wave or zigbee devices instead? My iHome plug was so slick and easy to set up, vs my z-wave one which seemed too far away to respond. I was starting to think cloud-to cloud was just as good. But now that my z-wave network is a little thicker and hasn’t had an incident for days! Maybe z-wave will win.

Ditto for me. I have a plethora of iHome Plugs. All unreachable via ST. Work within iHome and Homekit.

I guess SmartThings doesn’t consider this their problem so it isn’t listed. but it shoulkd be as it does affect many. Or did I miss a mention somewhere?

Just to explain what happened - yesterday we Saw elevated error rates from iHome APIs. They were returning HTTP 503 errors to our requests likely because of an outage from their APIs. At around 2:00pm the API started responding successfully across the board. At that point the number of support requests dropped significantly and we made the assumption that things were back to normal. This afternoon support flagged that reports were still coming in at an elevated rate and after confirmation that even though the API was was returning successfull responses devices still weren’t changing states, at this point we decided to post a status page update in regards to this issue but decided against sending an incident email because the number of users with iHome devices on the platform is relatively low. Generally sending platform wide emails is something we try to avoid doing. In retrospect this could’ve been handled better - verification of actual devices could’ve been done yesterday after the errors stopped. We also could have identified the users who have iHome devices and sent targeted emails - this is something we don’t normally do but would probably be worth making a formalized process for as it would be helpful for the users who have the devices. We did not decide that it wasn’t our problem though we certainly did not do everything we could have to notify the affected users.


It is never too late to keep us up to date on progress via SmartThings emails, or status page. This is a frustrating thing, and has to be handled properly.

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Same thing here. I only have a couple of ihome plugs but all say they are offline. They work fine with the iHome app.

Please report this to iHome, the more people they hear from the more interest they will take.

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Now posted on SmartThings.

Identified - Due to issues on the iHome cloud, SmartThings users may experience difficulties controlling iHome devices. Devices may appear as offline in SmartThings. This is currently being investigated.
Jan 27, 15:56 EST

Do you have a link to contact them? Since I only have a few of the plugs in non-critical areas I’ve never attempted to contact iHome before.

Just change the last part of the URL to the smart plug you own. https://www.ihomeaudio.com/support/contact/?model=iSP5

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I have 3 IHome plugs. All 3 shows an offline status. I’ve open a support request…No acknolegment! Must be an overload I suppose. Anyway, I join my voice to the other .

Man…taking a while to get this resolved…

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