iHome Plugs Not Working

Today, all of my iHome plugs stopped working with ST. I can control them through the app or the Apple Home app. They have worked consistently with ST for months. Any suggestions??

See the existing active thread:

I lost access to all of my iHome devices (ISP6X) in SmartThings and Alexa today. I’ve tried unplugging, resetting and reconnecting to wifi, removing from SmartThings and re-adding. Nothing has worked yet.

I also lost ihome plug functionality in SmartThings as well. Smartthings appears to see the devices and doesn’t recognize that they are not responding to commands. I can control them through the ihome app, but not through Smartthings. Anybody have any ideas on how to resolve?

Confirmed with ST yesterday and today, iHome problem. Also called iHome they are working on it.

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Cool. Thanks for the update. Hopefully they will resolve the issue fairly quickly.

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I hope so also, it has been the longest outage I have seen.

I just renamed the ihome device in smartthings and it started responding, This is after days of it not working and trying everything.

I tried resetting all my iHome devices this morning by unplugging them each for about a minute and then plugging them back in. A few minutes later they all started responding to commands from my ST app. Hopefully they have resolved the issues.

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My iHome plugs are mostly back online also. Some just came back and others I had to go plug/unplug.

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I’ve been having problems w/ SmartThings & iHome integration at least once a week since around Christmas time. No problems w/ iHome and Homekit. Anyone else?