iHome Plugs Not Working

(Jonathan Alboum) #1

Today, all of my iHome plugs stopped working with ST. I can control them through the app or the Apple Home app. They have worked consistently with ST for months. Any suggestions??


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iHome Smart plug connectivity Lost today (January 2018)

I lost access to all of my iHome devices (ISP6X) in SmartThings and Alexa today. I’ve tried unplugging, resetting and reconnecting to wifi, removing from SmartThings and re-adding. Nothing has worked yet.

(Art) #4

I also lost ihome plug functionality in SmartThings as well. Smartthings appears to see the devices and doesn’t recognize that they are not responding to commands. I can control them through the ihome app, but not through Smartthings. Anybody have any ideas on how to resolve?

(Joel W) #5

Confirmed with ST yesterday and today, iHome problem. Also called iHome they are working on it.

(Art) #6

Cool. Thanks for the update. Hopefully they will resolve the issue fairly quickly.

(Joel W) #7

I hope so also, it has been the longest outage I have seen.

(Steve) #8

I just renamed the ihome device in smartthings and it started responding, This is after days of it not working and trying everything.

(Art) #9

I tried resetting all my iHome devices this morning by unplugging them each for about a minute and then plugging them back in. A few minutes later they all started responding to commands from my ST app. Hopefully they have resolved the issues.

(Jimi Moore) #10

My iHome plugs are mostly back online also. Some just came back and others I had to go plug/unplug.


I’ve been having problems w/ SmartThings & iHome integration at least once a week since around Christmas time. No problems w/ iHome and Homekit. Anyone else?