Anyone Else Having Trouble With iHome Devices?

Came back from a week long trip yesterday and noticed my iHome ISP5 plug wasn’t behaving. Could turn it on but not off.

Today started troubleshooting. Reset the plug and at first could not get it to be recognized in the iHome Control app on my android phone (Pixel 2). Used the iPad and it was recognized right away. Now I’m able to control the plug through the iHome app using either phone or iPad.

Next I deleted iHome from SmartThings and reconnected it. Was able to reconnect it no problem but it claims that any iHome devices will automatically be added but it’s not showing up in my list of “Things” in the ST app.

It’s as if ST and iHome are no longer communicating. Also, I’ve confirmed that within iHome the plug shows as being connected to the iHome cloud.

My iHome devices are working.

Round two…it’s working now.

Deleted the “Home” within the iHome app. Re-added the plug using the iPad (still can’t do it on the Pixel…maybe the iHome app doesn’t play well with Android 8?) and magically the plug appeared in ST. :roll_eyes:

I don’t miss working in tech support.

I have the same plug at firmware 0.8.84 and it works great on my personal iPhone but horribly with my work Android phone.