iHome SmartPlugs Will Not Connect

I just switched to SmartThings from wink and I am attempting to connect my three iHome SmartPlugs (one is SP5 the others SP6). They all connect and work fine through the iHome app and the Wink app, but they will not connect through to SmartThings at all. When I sign in to iHome on the SmartThings app it says it’ll find the devices, eventually it does load one plug but that plug always just says “Unavailable” and it never finds the other two plugs. I’ve signed out and back in multiple times. Any thoughts on how to make these work?

Two thoughts come to mind, if you have device health enabled on your ST hub, disable it. See if that resolves your unavailable device and then try to discover the other plugs. If that does not resolve the issue, next unplug your iHome plugs and plug them back in. It will take a moment to reconnect to your wifi. Then try to discover them in the ST app.

Are all three plugs connected to the iHome cloud? They should show “Connected to iHome Cloud” in the iHome app.

I did disable the device health, thank you for the advice.

Trying the unplug and replug again now, didn’t work before.

Yes, all three show iHome Cloud in the iHome Control app.

About two weeks ago, community members began reporting that Ihome devices which had previously worked just fine had stopped working. See discussion in the following thread:

Right. What’s odd about this case, is that SmartThings isn’t receiving information about the other two devices at all. I’m no expert on this but it seems like iHome is failing to “tell” SmartThings about the other two devices. When you connect a cloud-to-cloud integration like this, SmartThings relies on the 3rd party integration to pass along the information about which devices a user has connected. In this case, iHome only reported the existence of one of the three devices which is why I asked about being connected to the iHome cloud. We run into this with LiFX bulbs if the bulbs haven’t been added to a location in the LiFX app.

DW, if you chat in tomorrow between 9 AM and 5 PM Pacific, someone from support can watch the live logs and see if we’re getting any info about the other devices.

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I just spoke to iHome support and they stated that “both Wink and SmartThings have disabled support for the iSP6x plug and you will not be able to use it at all until they find a fix for it. So unfortunately until then you’re out of luck.” They also stated that SmartThings currently couldn’t support the iSP5 plug.

Not sure what’s going on here, but it sounds like I’m SOL with my plugs.

That’s strange. I have both the iSP 5 & 6 and both are connected and working with ST.

@Rugbybull can confirm, but I’m wondering if he’s in the UK and the answer he got was from UK support.

Just asking because US members reported problems starting about two weeks ago, then those problems seemed to clear up, and then UK members started reporting problems about 1 July.

Nah uh!

As Brad said, please work with our Support team to figure out what’s going on here. We haven’t dropped support for these devices.

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I’m based in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

And I did push back on iH support, I can’t get their devices to work on my Wink Hub either anymore though. On Wink the iSP 5 works but neither of the 6-es do, on SmartThings none of them work.

That all said I am likely switching back to Wink anyways. SmartThings has absolutely abysmal control options for groups of lights that need to be controlled as one fixture compared to Wink.

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Anybody with luck using IHome ISP100(b) and smartthings?
thanks for any suggestions to get them to play together.

I continue to have issues with my isp5 plugs. They randomly disconnect from SmartThings. Unplugging and plugging them gets them back on, but soon enough they disconnect again.

Today I finally decided to remove them completely from my setup and use different plugs. It’s too bad because they were a great size and could (when working properly) be used with just about any hub/device.