iHome Account Authorization Issue

A few weeks ago my integrated iHome Devices just stopped working. I figured it was the iHome cloud throwing a fit, so I unplugged them all, waited 10 seconds, and plugged them back in. (This typically would correct the issue.) However, this time it didn’t.

I decided to remove the link between iHome and ST completely and start over, but upon trying to add the iHome devices back to my ST via logging in with my iHome credentials and Authorizing the account link, I was greeted with a message stating “You’re iHome Account couldn’t be connected to SmartThings! Click “Done” in the top corner and try again.” I can’t even get beyond authorizing the account to add the devices back to ST.

I decided to try again, but this time with Live Logging open on my tablet and it seems to be a token access issue.

I contacted ST Support for this and was given the general “this is a known issue, but there is currently no update, we will keep you posted” line.

I was just wondering, are any of you experiencing this issue as of late? And if so were you able to find a way to correct it?

All my plugs work perfectly fine both locally and remotely using the native iHome app as well as Apple Homekit app.

I have the Samsung Connect Home running hub firmware version 25.50.