IFTTT trigger to execute a CORE piston with maker channel?


I want to achieve the following with ifttt:

if “GOOGLE ASSISTANT PHRASE” then trigger a CORE piston with the maker channel?

Is that even possible, im kinda lost and would like if possible to have a step by step explanation on how to do this

Anyone ever made this work?
I have:

  • connected core to ifttt already
  • piston created
  • connected to the maker channel on ifttt

You’ll get the quickest response if you post your question at the end of the core peer assistance thread. That’s where most of the core experts hang out. :sunglasses:

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And this:


Works perfectly, thanks!! no more virtual switches


I know @ady624 is awesome!

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Just for info, the [ ] are not required. The event name can be any text, with or without the brackets. Nothing special about those brackets :wink:

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