Webcore and IFTTT Help

Hi All,

I can’t find anything related to setting up and using IFTTT with webcore. I found a couple tidbits here and there but not much else.

Can anyone point me to a tutorial or something? I want to setup a piston to call an IFTTT routine.



After you have signed into your dashboard, using the menu button select settings, then you should see a tab for integrations. The instructions for IFTTT integration is there.

Got it. Shows connected. Now what? Where are my IFTTT routines in Webcore? And how do I incorporate them in a piston?



You will not actually see your IFTTT applets using WebCoRE. Not being snarky, but did you read the entire page concerning integrations? There is more info below the Lifx integration that should explain what you need to do.

Also IFTTT applets are “virtual devices”

If you still need help @ady624 would be the expert.

The folks over at the WebCoRE community forum are always willing to help. I suspect you’ll get a quick response if you post there (if you haven’t already).

Not much help under integrations (I’m using Webcore on a computer) and I’ve already looked through the Wiki. Couldn’t find much there either. I’ll try on the Webcore forum.



You need to go to IFTTT and enable the Maker WebHooks applet. That will provide you with a key that you need to copy and paste into webCoRE’s Settings > Integrations > IFTTT. Once that is done and tested, in the piston, use a task Make IFTTT Maker request (name may vary). That would be all, pretty much.


I’ve got the connection made to IFTTT but don’t have a clue as to what to do after that. I did add a task and chose "send an IFTTT maker event. Now what? Event? Value? What?

Thanks for helping the uneducated…


Go back to IFTTT and create an applet. Use the WebHooks Maker channel as input (the if) - it will then all make sense. You create an “event” or a keyword the WebHooks channel should respond to. That same word is used in the Make IFTTT request task in webCoRE - it’s what glues them together. You can call various “events” in IFTTT so pick an event name that is representative of what you want it to do. Then on the then side of the IFTTT applet, add whatever you want it to do.

Now it’s starting to make sense…I think.

Maybe I’m doing it backward, but what I’m trying to do in Webcore is “if this condition is true” then run this IFTTT applet. Is that what you’re describing above or is your example passing data FROM IFTTT to Webcore?



webCoRE gets IFTTT to execute an applet. Use the task (part of an action) to do this, the reverse is achieved with an IF using the virtual device IFTTT. You want the IFTTT task, create an applet and define the event name - they may call it a trigger? Don’t remember exactly

That helps! Time to experiment…

Thanks for the time!


Thanks for the info, was able to get WebCoRE and IFTTT working together. Really loving the WebCoRE product!

I am new to Webcore and IFTTT integration…
I have a Google home… could i ask Google home to trigger Webcore Piston via IFTTT?


Just to verify, is the correct value to put in : https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger//with/key/ ************ or do I need to put something where the trigger is?

I have a detailed step-by-step guide on this here doing WOL via WebCORE through IFTTT, check it out !

put in the webcore dashboard >settings> integrations > ifttt > just only the key without the link " https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger//with/key"

Anyone else trying to trigger a second IFTTT maker channel? I can’t get values passed using a web request to the second IFTTT channel.