IFTTT adds Maker (HTTP) Channel

IFTTT has finally added http triggers and actions in their new maker channel. You can send IFTTT requests via HTTP GET or POST and IFTTT can trigger HTTP requests as well. It doesn’t specify if either of these will be delayed or real time, but it’s a great way to roll your own IFTTT channel


Awesome! I’ve been waiting on this one…:blush:

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I could do a lot with this.

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Someone’s gotta show me some cool stuff to do with this…I think it’d be awesome :D, especially for incorporating the Jarvis App into my smart house. :smiley:

So, can a SmartApp be created to send events to IFTTT that can keep logs in a Google Sheet that can then be used to produce graphs, etc… I like some of the features of GroveStreams, but would like more access to the raw data that could be harvested in a Google Sheet… Thoughts?

What other use cases are you guys thinking? This should be powerful…

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For me, the first use is with Beecon+ for IBeacons as a trigger. Beecon+ already has Post; this lets me hook to anything else with an IFTTT channel. :blush:

BTW, here’s an article with a very techie description of how one person is going to use it to get detailed notifications that may spark some ideas:

And here’s IFTTT’s super simple explanation of how to pass JSON values:


(REPLACE_ME is just a placeholder value for the docs. You will be issued a “secret key” when you activate the Maker channel that you will use for your own calls.)

In my iBeecon+ case, I don’t care about any of the values. I just want to trigger the event. It doesn’t have an IFTTT channel of its own.

updated to add:

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to see the Beecon+ possibilities in the IF maker channel–Beecon+ was updated today to add expanded maker channel functionality. And they used SmartThings as their example! :sunglasses:

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