IFTTT toggle

Hi - I have a microcontroller device which I’ve configured successfully to submit a web hook event to IFTTT, which can utilize the Smart Things “turn device on” or “turn device off” event to trigger my Smart Things plug on or off. However, I want to toggle the device on or off - how do I do that?

You could just submit a web hook to Webcore bypassing IFTTT. Then in WebCore just do a simple if ON then turn OFF else turn ON.

Thanks - I’m not familiar with Webcore - I’m assuming you’re referring to this:

Do you happen to have a link to a tutorial or reference that would help me get started quickly with accomplishing that?

That is correct. Here is a link to their forum which can provide you with a wealth of info.

You need to load the WebCore smartapp, authorize your devices. Then there is a website you use to create pistons. Very powerful stuff. Under settings there you will find the web endpoint address you can use to execute the piston with that method.

WebCore has a method to actually execute a piston using a webcall. It would work quite well for what you are doing I would think.