Trigger IFTTT from Piston

I see a lot of questions on how to have IFTTT call a CoRE Piston but I need to do the opposite. I’d like an IFTTT maker to be called from a CoRE Piston but I don’t see it in my options for ‘Then…’

In webCoRE there’s a Send an IFTTT Maker event task.

Can you elaborate a bit with some instructions. I don’t know what webCoRE is and I’m trying to select IFTTT (which I’ve already linked) as the Then… in my piston.

In CoRE the IFTTT trigger only shows after you have setup IFTTT in CoRE’s settings. Go to the parent app in the ST app on the phone, go to settings and find Integrations, you need to enter a key that the IFTTT Maker Webhooks channel provides. Once that is entered and validated, the Make IFTTT request task will show up.

Yes I’ve already done that (that’s what I meant by I alredy linked it).

Once I click Then… -> Add an action -> what category would you expect I
see IFTTT?