Ideas for AEON Power Strip

(Charlie Treadwell) #1

I’ve been reading the other thread about challenges with this powers trip not having child nodes YET. Until then it’s just a $100 switch. In the meantime, I thought I’d start a thread for ideas of what people think they are going to do with a 4-switch power strip. Any cool use cases you can think of?

(Elliot Justin) #2

Here’s what I’m thinking up.

I have a greatroom (living room/kitchen combo) with my TV mounted above the fireplace. What I’m planning on is putting either the Powerstrip or the energy monitor on the TV. The increased power load when turning the TV on will trigger the lights to turn off and/or dim in the room.

Other ideas:

enforce time limits on TV or Xbox time for kids
power cycling misbehaving devices without having to do a reach around to unplug it.
Christmas lighting

(Charlie Treadwell) #3

@Elliot_Justin I was thinking about the power cycle option originally, but was thinking to cycle the power on my router and modem. Then I came to the realization that it’s hard to power cycle over IP, when the IP is down.

All the other ideas are great, and I didn’t even think of the energy monitor use cases. That’s awesome.

(Elliot Justin) #4


You could power cycle on a schedule. Sometimes with Cable modems this works. I’ve found with my Cable modem, it’s best to leave it alone :smile:.

Looking on the web, it looks like it pulls power readings from all six ports with four being switchable.