Aeon Labs Power Meter

I finally got around to adding the Aeon Labs Smart Power Meter to my system. I get a very basic “thing” that updates a snapshot of my power consumption every 8 minutes. I am now thinking of ways to make it more useful. Two questions for the folks on the thread:

  1. Has anyone already started to write any smart apps for that device. If so, what types of things are you doing (and would you be willing to share code)?
  2. Does anyone know if you can export the activity log? Because it reports every 8 minutes, you have a pretty good running tally of energy usage in the logs. I was thinking if you could export it, you could make some pretty interesting graphs of consumption over time.

Hey, Bill, since you have experience with this switch, do you think it would be possible to write a SmartApp that triggers when the appliance stops drawing current?

Is there any way to change the device type so that the icons on the Things page will show the current power rather than “on” or “off”. I would still like them to be green when on and white when off, but want to change the words on the bottom of the icon to the current power level. I have these hooked up to in-window A/Cs that are digital and need to be turned on manually, so I usually try and keep the switches on so that it’s a one step process instead of 2. I want to be able to easily see which A/Cs are actually on without having to click on each tile separately. I.e. if it says 1W I know the switch is on but the A/C is off.

It depends on the device type. But you can see for yourself if it’s possible. Open the Thing preference pane, see if there’s a tile that displays current power level and whether it has a circle in the upper right corner. If it does, touch the circle to choose that tile to display instead of on/off.

Did you ever figure this out?

I have a power meter outlet that I want to leave “on” but I want it to report if the end item (a TV in my case) was left on or is off based on power draw.

I just purchased this great device and I’m looking for a app that will help me chart my power usage and be able to compare it week-to-week month-to-month year-to-year.