Aeon Smart Strip power meter

I just got a smart strip today and noticed each of the 4 switched ports also report power usage. i have looked and cant find if anyone has written a handler or app that would allow me to use that wattage. Say I have a good night routine and I would only want it to cut power on those outlets if the power usage was above a threshold.

@cooperglee created the device type that I’m using that allows individual control and reports the power usage, maybe he can help expose the power usage to other smart apps

that would be great!!!

easy link:

credits to cooper lee on device handler.

Thanks @RoadRunner that is close. It shows power for each outlet but if you go in say rule machine and try to use one individual outlet for a power meter to trigger an action it just shows the strip not the individual outlet.

I dont think Smartthings has a capability for multi channel devices. There are only certain capabilities which are used for external interfaces. And switch or power capability only supports a single device/channel

cool. I wonder. I have it setup with an app that assigns the individual outlets to simulated switches. I wonder if a simulated switch could be made that would show the watt usage.

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I’ve just received two of these. Setup with device type by Cooper Lee. One is working great, far as I can tell. The app is so messed up right now it displays refresh over the watt tiles and other fun stuff.

The second strip seems to not monitor power right, both devices somehow show different abilities under the IDE, anyone know how to fix this:



I don’t know if this will be helpful to you, but SharpTools can pickup the energy and power use for each individual switch. I use it to get a notification with power reading when a particular switch is turned on or off. It’s a good confirmation for the state of the switch. For use with Rule Machine you could have Sharptools turn on/off a virtual switch when a certain power reading is reached.

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see now I want an android I dont think they have sharptools for IOS

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Sorry to revive an old thread. Just have a question on the device reporting… my Outlet1 and 2 is reporting Power Info every 15 seconds. Those are the only ones doing it, I have 4 devices connected to switch1 to 4.

How to tweak this to adjust reporting time?