New module suggestion/request

I really like the new dashboard layout. One additional module I would like to see is Energy Management. i currently have one thing that is measuring power usage:

I would see the module giving total measured power consumption and then allowing you take actions based on power consumption for each thing.I currently have my metering switch hooked to my TV and I can tell based on power consumption if the TV is on or off. I would love to set-up an action to automatically turn the TV off if we leave the house and the TV was left on. .I could also see notifications for high level of power consumption (i.e. fridge left open).

I am sure this is already possible but well beyond my current programming skill level :slight_smile:

Off topic, but what kind of TV do you have @trotsky40 ? Some TVs allow simple REST commands - and many reply with status codes of their current state (volume, etc). I’m unsure of monitoring power - but if you have a modern smart TV, there’s a good chance you could have ST talk directly to it with a bit of hacking. Samsung requires web sockets, LG and Panasonic require REST requests. I haven’t dabbled with Sony yet.


It is a fairly dumb, Sharp Aquos (7-8 years old). I am waiting for it to “accidentally” fall off the TV stand. It’s been a good TV and still work well, so I can’t justify (to my wife) replacing it. And she would definitely notice if I replaced it. :frowning:

Ah… women… can’t live with 'em… can’t get a decent sandwich without 'em.

@trotsky40 - That is being worked on. Currently, Z-Wave metering switches report active current draw, which is the basis for the TV Allowance app that monitors overall TV usage over the course of a day/week/month that our CTO @hagins has set up for his house. That will be coming to some set of Zigbee switches/modules in the near future, and Dashboard module use-cases are being defined. I’ll make sure that yours is on the list for consideration.

I believe it was mentioned in another thread that Dashboard modules are really just SmartApps, and that documentation will be available soon. Sounds like there is a possibility that you (or someone else) can add that module yourself. I am also interested in the same functionality, primarily to gather statistics about energy consumption, rather than dynamically making decisions about it.