zooZ ZEN20 Power Strip

Hey folks. Working on this device type. It’s essentially a branch off the Aeon Smart Strip type with the power metering gutted and the tiles reworked with outlet labels.

This is an initial “get it working” version.

Next up is user configurable outlet labels so you can look at the details and know what you’re turning off! Because, well, who is going to remember what is plugged in where when its living under your entertainment center.

Overall I gotta say I’m pretty happy with the product. It’s about an inch thick, has 2 2.1 amp USB ports on it and FIVE individually controlled, surge protected outlets. Uses a gen 5 chip too so low power. It isn’t securely paired and has no configuration options, but then again, it’s just a set of dumb switches, so what do you really want? The price is nice at $61.95 at the time of this thread @TheSmartestHouse .com http://www.thesmartesthouse.com/collections/zooz/products/zooz-z-wave-plus-power-strip-zen20

Here’s the link to the code:

I am going to pick one of these up as an alternative to the Aeon labs surge protector switch since individual outlet control is not supported by SmartThings for it.User configurable outlet labels would definitely be a welcome addition. Looking forward to it.

Search for ZEN20 here on the forums. Anther guy put out a device handler and a smart app that maps virtual switches to the individual switches on the strip which gives you the functionality in SmartThings.