IDE not working correctly 2/25/18 [Partial Outage, Sporadic Device Failures]

OK all day today devices, Z-wave, WiFi have gone offline and some have returned. Devices all work from the app and they show status on the IDE, but Live logging shows nothing. Not even the initial response when love logging is started. Would someone in the USA East coast please verify this? After a number of minutes logging started, but erratic.

I sent in an email about an hour and half ago about device control and no activity in live logging but it recovered after a few minutes., now it’s dead again. West coast here.

Edit: I got activity again… seems sporadic

Losing connections across various zigbee devices, cree light bulb, moisture sensor. they do work, but show as offline. Started with bulb, rebooted the hub and lost moisture sensor… Few minutes later now light bulb is back, but not yet the sensor… did cleaning lady tripped the wire in server room?

Sorry to hear yours is responding the same way, but glad it isn’t just me. Devices come back online in a while, but don’t show activitey in IDE logs.

Getting lots of weirdness and unresponsive devices, local and non, but not consistently one or the other… about the only thing working consistently is the lutron integration…

I would report it but nobody there manning the phones.

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My zwave switches all fell offline. Been flaky for a couple of days now. Switch would show offline and then I would go into the actual switch hit save and it would show that it was back online. Checked my IDE where it showed the exact same information, very weird. Have one switch that is totally unresponsive so I excluded/removed it and now I can’t read include on my network. Anyone here can help??

Fwiw, I don’t think this is how the ST cloud is organized. Although the shards are somewhat geographic in nature, that’s more of a US/EU distinction I believe.

I’m pretty sure people in the US can be on different/same shards regardless of which part of the country they’re in. It depends more on when their hub first came online and which shard was taking new accounts at the time.

I’m on the east coast and I didn’t notice any issues yesterday.

I am having all sorts of issues right now. My z-wave lights are not reporting correctly. Some routines aren’t working. Anything with smart lights app not working properly. There has to be a problem but that status page is not reporting anything. Very frustrating.

Please contact support. Today so far all devices are up, but some reporting status very slowly, if at all.

The last week I have seen my Aeon lab Gen 5 alarm be offline and my Kwikset front door lock, according to the app at least. But it still work and the IDE shows they are online. Just the app reporting its not seeing them and it comes and goes. Works and shows online and then offline a few hours later… reset everything same thing… I’m sure it will clear up at some point, always does…

I can’t emphasize this more please contact support, they clearly don’t know what is going on.

Same issues here. Zigbee, Zwave, Arlo are all going in and out. I emailed support. We’ll see what they say tomorrow…