IDE not showing updates to devices

For the last few days I have found that when I update a device name in the IDE, it claims to have done so correctly but doesn’t show any changes.

This may, or may not, be a similar issue to a case on Facebook where a supposedly successful deletion left the device still visible in the IDE.

That said, when I looked at a device today I thought it was showing the new device name from a couple of days ago.

Anyone else seeing anything odd?

I was messing around for a couple hours yesterday trying to get some Sonoff buttons working and noticed that the changes I made in IDE weren’t updating to the app quickly in some cases (but in other cases it was fine) was really hit and miss. I did delete something in IDE (above mentioned devil button) that I still had to go into the app and delete too.

Galaxy Note20, Samsung internet browser & PC chrome browser.

I do notice that the ST API shows the changes, it is just the IDE that doesn’t seem to be updating.