Device Name in IDE - cannot change

I recently added a couple of devices and changed names of other devices. The names now show correctly in the App, but not in the IDE.

This is creating a problem for me as I try to create automations in SharpTools, but the proper device names are not appearing.

I looked at prior posts regarding device names, but most seem to be related to migration from the Classic app (which I have never used). How can the app and IDE be in conflict, and any ideas to resolve?

Are you looking at Display Name or Label in IDE?


Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the IDE? Can you change the name/label in the IDE and then reauthorize in SharpTools so it pulls in the updated name?

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@joshua_lyon - to clarify, SharpTools is doing exactly what I would expect based on what I am seeing in the IDE. On a long shot, however, I had tried to completely remove the Smarttings connection and then re-authorize.

@jkp - funny thing, is that yes, I am looking at Display Name or Label.
In the Device List and in the app, it is called “Device Name”.
On the device page and Edit Device page, it is called “Label”.

The snippet below shows the device page immediately after changing the Label field on the Edit Device page. It displays a notification that “Driveway Parking White” was updated, yet the Label still shows as “New White” (the name that I paired it as before knowing exactly where it would be installed).

Straingely, this is a multi-channel device and endpoint2 did not have any issue.

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On a whim, I went back into the app and added a character to the name. It showed up immediately in the IDE. So, also in the app, I changed the name back. All seems fine and consistent now.

I had added two sets of lights and moved two others. So having the names suddenly inconsistent and/or incorrect was somewhere between confusing and annoying. Not sure why the app and IDE would not share a single version of the truth.

I confirmed that the names updated in SharpTools, so whatever was wonky in Smartthings was also the external facing data.

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