Device names different between new and classic apps

Are the device names supposed to be the same between the new and classic apps? Many of mine are, but some are not. Particularly if I made changes to them recently. The name will be as desired in the classic app and the IDE, but out of date in the new app.

I’ve had name changes in one app carry over to the other app. I’ve also had name changes NOT carry over too. I’ve had to manually fix the names.

I’ve also had devices I’ve deleted in the classic app still be present in the new V3 app and have had to delete them in both.

It’s been hit and miss for me.

At one time changing a device name in Classic did not update the device name in Connect. I am not certain if this is still the case.

The other way around did work.

I am talking recent experience, so it seems like at least SOMEtimes, adding or renaming a device in Classic does not carry over to the new app. But I think sometimes it does.

Aren’t the names still stored in the same database?

And thus, are the names (and “labels”) visible in the IDE under My Devices?

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I would think so, which is why I find this behavior confusing. I’ve seen names listed correctly under My Devices in the IDE, but wrong in the new app.

Then I presume a caching issue. Force closing the New App might trigger it to refresh label data. Unless SmartThings caches it somewhere weird in the Cloud.

There are two different names of the devices, one with which it was created called name and another called label which is what the user assigns. The Classic app uses label where as the new app uses the name. It’s a bug, I’ve reported it to ST support, I think it was fixed in the latest ios release of the new app but if you’re still seeing it out of sync, report it to ST support so they can fix it in the next update.

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I know about labels and device names in the IDE, but I’m pretty sure that the devices in question didn’t have anything in the label field.

At this point, I think I fixed the ones I saw. Or it fixed itself. But I’ll take better notes if I see it again.

I noticed today that renaming a device in the Classic app now shows the same in the new app :slight_smile:

This seems to be broken again.