New app shows old device names after they were changed in Classic app (or IDE) (Android)

I mostly use the Classic app and the IDE. My devices 100% agree between the two of them. In the new app, it seems that some name changes I’ve made in the last week (or so) have not been reflected.

E.g., I added some virtual switches in the last 5 days. The first one I added was still shown as “Virtual Device 1” in the new app, even though I had changed it’s name 3 days ago (using the Classic app). The other virtual switches I added with a specific name, so they are correct.

On Saturday, I changed the name of “Basement Slider” to “Basement Sliding Door”, and that old name is still showing in the new app.

I walked down the list of 130 devices in the IDE and compared to the new app and classic app. Only the new app is showing the old names.

Is this something anyone else has seen? FWIW I’ve force closed the new app and restarted it, and rebooted the phone. In any other app I’d clear data+cache, but since the favorite devices per room is stored in there, I’d lose all that, and I don’t want to deal with setting that up again.

I also reported this to support. I’m pretty sure they’re going to tell me to uninstall and reinstall the new app, and, again, I fear losing all the favorite settings.

Yes, others have seen this issue. You will need to manually edit the name in the new app.

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I was afraid of that. I fixed the first one, but there were 4 more. It seems like something is broken on their back-end if the IDE shows one value (the correct one), and the new app shows some old data.

In fact, to me it would seem like there’s a huge architectural problem if it is possible for the new app to continually show out of date data. That alarms me.

I figured that since I don’t use the new app, I’d try reinstalling it as I don’t really care about the favorites. Sure enough, reinstalling it lost all those settings, as well as messing up the order of rooms. E.g., they came back in reverse alphabetical order !?!?

Of the 7 devices with old names, 2 came back with the correct name. 5 still show the old name. That also makes no sense.

Sigh. Support’s response was…

I request you to once login to the IDE and renamed the devices there. Once the rename is done, Please Re login to App after Reinstalling both the apps.

This is sort of ridiculous. If I just want to fix the symptom of the bug (the names are wrong in the new app), I’d just change them in the new app. Changing the names in the IDE doesn’t accomplish that.

I was hoping they’d log some internal bug report that the new app doesn’t pick up some name changes.

In case anyone else is wrestling with this now, in android the names still come up wrong, however editing the “label” field in the IDE DOES change the label in the new app.