An offline, dead device just triggered a routine? WTF?

At 8:40pm this evening, my good night routine was triggered by my minimote. Here’s the problem…I haven’t used that in over a year and it is not currently charged. It is sitting in a box.

What the hell just happened? Is anyone else having phantom devices doing things? This should be an impossibility. The fact that it could even happen is of great concern to me and tells me that there are significant issues with the ST backend that are just waiting to occur.

Other people have reported something like this in the past. Most of the time it seems to be a cloud artifact. I know that’s not very comforting.

Definitely report it to support so they can look into it from their side.

Already did. The fact that there are no safeties in place to prevent this from happening is quite disturbing.

Obviously, I could remove the device. However, I was thinking about maybe using it again. At this point, I’m thinking about other things…as in a different path all together.

I refuse to believe these stories of ghost :ghost: Events.

It is too horrible to even consider that this is possible.

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Smack dab in the middle…

Absolutely possible. Remember the community member a while ago who posted screenshots of his account showing “dining room sensor” when he doesn’t even have a dining room?

I’m not saying it is what happened in this case, and I’m definitely not saying it happens a lot, but certainly it can happen.

“They’re heeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee…” :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:



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I had a ghost event happen last month. I had a zwave ge dimmer switch that I removed and did not remove correctly and it still kept sending commands and it was not even wired in. It was not until support went into my IDE and physically removed the switch somehow that the events stopped reporting. See what support says.

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Your minimote is a zombie. Or you have ghosts that are setting it off.

Fundamental problem with the cloud implementation. Phantom devices orphaned in the DB. And uuids that are not unique but randomly generated combined with non unique dni. It can happen. Shouldn’t but it can, and I have seen it myself.

Can’t recreate it. But it’s on of the edge cases that illustrate the shared DB flaws ST as it scales.

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I deny your facts and reality.

It was ghosts.


You guys are not recognizing the obvious here…Its the Feds! (Samsung) Duh…

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